• XYZ Rerfugium Acrylic Sump Baffles

    $69.99 $59.00

     Refugium Sump Acrylic Baffles

     Build in Splash Guard. Adjustable Baffle Width.
     Sump Size (Width): From 12" And Up To 13"  
     Available Sizes (Height) 5.6",6.6",7.6",8.6",9.6",10.6",11.6",12.6" 
     Design For Glass , Acrylic Sump And Aquariums.  
     Made In USA From Premium Cast Acrylic And Cut By Laser.
     Unique Refugium Baffles Features: 
     Design For DC Pumps And ATO 
     Replacing Traditional 3x Baffles Configuration
     Adjustment Of Water Level in Sump (Up To 1/2")
     Easy Adjustable Water Flow Through Baffles up to 1120 GL/H*
     Smaller Water Usage/Losses,Extremely Quiet Water Flow

     Easy Installation In Glass Aquariums:
       Aqueon 29,55,20H,20L 
       Tera 20H20L 
       Grreat Choice 20L 

    Shipping Dates 4/10/17,6/5/17,9/10/17,12/15/17