New Hydroponic P2o Reactors


Reef Toys  Now available in-store! Come see our 20gal Demo at BEYOND the reef 

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* for more information on becoming a Dealer contact us at info@reeftoys.com

7/7/16 Reefs.com
 Once in a while, a new, unorthodox idea pops up in the hobby. 
 Sometimes, that idea materializes into a product that raises eyebrows, 
 and can potentially revolutionize the market... 

 12/09/14 Reefs.com
     We put the unit na display at the Manhattan Reefs Frag Swap and so
     many members inquires about it being in the raffle.....so we added it to our
     raffle.... On another note,one of our local manufacturers looked at the unit and
     was incredibly impress.He also works with acrylic reactors and He said it was
     the finest  work he has seen and that there were many details He had never  
     thought of.  
       Josh Reefs.com